What makes Dose of Canna Cold Brew Coffee special?

We care about people and our products. We want to provide you with the highest quality, best-tasting cannabis infused coffee.

We love Coffee with Integrity. The coffee beans are sourced from farmers they know. And they’ve figured out just how to roast the beans to retain the characteristics that result in an amazing cup of coffee.

Highest Quality Cannabis

To make Dose of Canna cold brew, we use top-shelf hybrid cannabis, grown in Vancouver. Our special Nano-emulsion process removes certain terpenes and renders the THC oil flavorless to maintain the delicious, smooth taste of the Dose of Canna cold brew coffee. This also directly affects the consistency of the experience, so that you can expect the same effect each and every time you enjoy a Dose of Canna coffee. That way, you can incorporate Dose of Canna into any part of your day, for work or play.

Fast-Acting Combo

The process we use to infuse our cold brew coffee allows you to feel the effects within 15-20 minutes. Three factors influence this super-fast onset time:

1.     Water soluble beverage. When you eat an edible, your body has to break down the components of the food in order to absorb the THC. Cannabis infused beverages don’t have to be broken down like food, so you feel the effects faster.

2.     Infusion technology. Through a sophisticated Nano-emulsion process, we break down the THC and CBD into super tiny Nano-sized droplets. The tiny droplets are able to cover more surface area in the lining of your digestive system, which results in higher amounts of THC and CBD uptake and faster effects.

3.     Cannabis + Caffeine. Caffeine is a vasodilator, which means that it causes your blood vessels to dilate. This dilation results in increased circulation in your digestive system, AKA an even more streamlined path for you to feel the effects of the cannabis.

Our infused coffee is faster acting and more bioavailable than other edibles giving you a clear and euphoric mind and relaxed body. Great for the energy pick me up!