CannaWine 200MG THC

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Made from our blend of Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes and THC. Blended and infused non-alcoholic wine with THC cannabis to provide an invigorating, clean and relaxed experience. There’s never an unfit occasion to enjoy alcohol-free, cannabis-infused wine.

  • 750ML
  • 20-25MG THC/GLASS (depending on glass size).
  • Canada Wide Shipping Only.

Dose Of Canna seeks to innovate by introducing a new territory of taste, thanks to the use of cannabis. Offering a new and exciting range of high. With great respect toward traditional production methods, our wines will make you experience a unique and exalting moment.
CannaWine grapes are sourced from a single vineyard in British Columbia's Okanagan valley blended with organically grown cannabis. The final product is a full-bodied wine combining the perfect blend of cannabis-infused THC.
Dose Of Canna is a delicious alternative. Be the life of the party and share it with your friends.

2 reviews for CannaWine 200MG THC

  1. Sarah Berkely

    This is exactly the type of cannabis product I have been looking for! Clean and smooth and an amazing high.

  2. Elle.B

    I like these because I can store it for special occasions or guests. I even brought a 100MG THC bottle to my girls night last Friday and it was a hit. Me and my girlfriends will defiantly buy more.

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